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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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me the difference between yerba buena island and treasure island it is difficult to get to the island we have 8 outstanding dates and permits with her to go on our trip 7 years ago every year we're tried to get out there we'll continue to do that i remember in some of our controversial days when we tried to ban plastic bags ruth and joe hoop and few of us we're trying to push hard to get it done the first time any city did it and the pressure even before that ruth really, really hates hell yum balloons so anything filed with air we have a lot of pressure from corridors we probably shouldn't do this may
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be this wouldn't work ruth said we have to do the right thing for the environment and the city and david said it to me it's not bad i don't think there is a true environmental list but such a thing to being true to one principle and true to what makes sense to the city and ruth many will people come out with a knee-jerk but every time you'll ask ruth why do you think this and why it makes sense she had a deep reason and philosophical base and that made her coherent vial she is cared about people and the marina environment on 3 sides of us and readily e really this tlumz e tells me about san francisco and ruth represents is
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the democracy that our city cares about all of you and we ask a lot of people that volunteer and are there's really no one i've ever met that has volunteered as many hours i mean, we counted ruth went to every single treasure island i of the on the committee and didn't go as much ruth as in the capacity it was invisibly i saw ruth as a person that cares about the world whether in the podium explaining cho what should be done for shop that understood it was about accountability we're all account to the folks in san francisco we m had an opportunity and replacement a discussion if we
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can't get it done in san francisco and can't ban plastic bags or have a bio diversity corridor or commercial butterflies interesting she did outside if we couldn't do that here that obligation continues if we can't do it no one else will be able to get it done 0 so as bold as you think you're going to be remember ruth she'll continue on this side pushing us on and she continues pushing me on every day when i think about your example and thank you ruth (clapping.) that's correct gerard colleagues
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commissioner ching ting wan. >> well, i can't remember with i said last time when she said shefrgs going to retire it was along the lines it she is was the best environmentalist on this commission and her independent knowledge and issues facing the city potential solutions for those issues and problems had made our work so much better than it oikdz would have been and helped did department in measurable ways and her contacts throughout city government helped the department as well it's a huge loss i admits you in every policy where i have to
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drag the president in to get a quorum hopefully those seats will be filled soon and hopefully, you'll come to the meeting and teach the new environmental commissioners how to do their job because nobody has done it as well as you ruth (clapping) commissioner ching ting wan commissioner stephenson and we can't count on you to bring the hard questions we're all taking it on ourselves to say what would ruth do so thank you so much. >> commissioner king commissioner king. >> i really appreciate when i
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first got here and me commissioner wald and others who have been here i came you might think of as a traditionally environment i'll also anthony though something out there i was concerned about the enldz of those things people might think part of the kind of greenway whether this was making sure it was connected to economically or whatever i can always looked at you'll be looking like i get it i see how it fits and made our prospective it also made me feel my prospective was worthy because it take a look at i got that and then you added it to whatever it is you would add
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particularly the night we were doing the plastic bags i wasn't crazy about it all i could see in my mind was you know as a 13-year-old kid with a single mom would no car with 3 bags in one hand and the other walking home you're going to have to make that woman go without a plastic bag and charge here and how are we're going to deal with this i'm like i'm about to vote no and you're like please don't vote no, we want a unanimous vote i said look i remember looking over at you and you said and this is because i was saying how we needed to provide campus bags to people and provide it for a year give people canvas
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bags we were giving people canvas bags i go back to that day if we're going to ask people to change here you go let's ask keypads to put advertising on bags you took it in and incorporated to the policies i understand i understand that i so wanted to vote no and i said i remember only this 13 years old kids walking with the plastic bags you made it a point to listen to other people and thoughtful in the way you listened and relied i said it workout i want to thank you for listening thoughtfully thank
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you. >> (clapping.) commissioner ching ting wan. >> i'm sad to see you're not on the commission you also presented a different prospective i'll landmarking to learning a lot from you but i hope to learn from you from the other side and learn about what is a lot to learn i look forward to hearing from you again. >> commissioner chief administrative officer advances i remember butterflies this is something you and i went through together and navigated a lot of folks probably don't know the story of how commissioner chief administrative officer advances connected the butter flies and
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the practice of the commercial release of 3w50ur9 flies with the community at large that identifies with what has brought certainly from myself and the speck of the environmental justice background because of working with you to learn more about bio diversity i see the golden gate i know it is harlan conduct and i'm learning about the work around we have the conversation about 3 species and bio diversity species i've learned a lot about butterfly we were going 0 into our first community meeting a decade at hunters point we have an agenda that had driven environmental justice and history of the clean energy to tear down power plants
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and you said we've got to move this and get to on the agenda your passionate about it you've been working a long time and we put it on the agenda i remember thinking that well, you know how are we're going to make it with the flow i'm not the expert and can you help us find a way to basically get into everyone's said mind about what you were saying in a technical authoritative technical away i was trying to help folks understand they were having this conversation it is the environmental just the where it fits into other things i remember the day before our commission meeting getting a call from a resort from the san francisco examiner and said you guys are doing a
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meeting on tuesday and the bayview opera house you talking about the the comment to the environmental just the he said nope. >> i said weerlgz to address some of the things dr. thompson was talking about they were not interested we were having a policy on solar they said we're innovate interested they said we're interested you guys are banning butterfly i said let me call you back and we had conversations i talked with commissioner chief administrative officer advances this is going to be a long twenty-four hours we had the conversation the story was first page nudes in the examiner and a the sxrooem story was very respectful and were paths
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national you caught us all we have to go additional deal with the staircaseness p of what we do in the department and around the agenda we got through it and had a favorable article i remember when he got through the commission meeting we were in the middle of our agenda we have 3 hundred folks talking about environmental justice and talking about toxics and we got to this item i thought leaning over to you and thinking show time you basically connected with each and every person whether folks that fought against power plant and e mitigations and the disparity around the health in the community and with folks that had another issue i connected because you linked to the having any outlet of life ou were
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talking about this is cruel the commercial release of butterflies and it is a front to life itself you educated everyone with climate change the change of non-nature species clouds the indicator when we track climate change thas this has an impact i remember this hunger and dr. espanola jackson was the only speaker she said we support you and you've linked this this is very important to the community and important to all of us we're one hundred percent behind you commissioners chief administrative officer advances advances we pass it unanimously and there was a story in time magazine twenty-four hours later existing in the countries around the world bans what you did it was a pleasure i'll never forget that experience
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(clapping). >> and i know we have friends here from the public can we ask members of the public that want to share with us about our friend commissioner chief administrative officer advances. >> becky evans. >> what can anyone say about ruth i've known her for thirty years there the sierra club. >> and our oriental commissioners commissioner omaha advances. >> i was on the commission before we had staff and posted the under those circumstances notices in the liner and final in my case a furgdz when the local sierra club tried to figure out he figure someone in the group should get an award and there was no question about who to be nominated it was ruth be ruth got the award and one of
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the things i thought about ruth it talked about the things she's gun try to herself i thought of her of jimmy circuit about pinocchio and i thank you for honoring her i think the city should honor her she's going done a wonderful job thank you, ruth (clapping.) >> all right. got angle surprise any other members of the public close public comment for a moment thoughts before our little surprise you know it's not traveling typical that when commissioners depart commissions and go on to the next charter of
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they're crazy mayors will go proclamations but had the conversation with mayor ed lee and talked about the moment of all the things you've accomplished something to memorialize i remember having the conversation with mayor ed lee talking about we're talking about what you and i want to do and commissioner chief administrative officer vaz is passionate about the release of the butter flidz he was touched and supportive of what we did and what we're doing whatever we do so in this case mayor ed lee and the administration made an exception issued a proclamation in our honor commissioner ruth chief administrative officer advances an operation declaring
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that we're as the environment commission the department of vital and the entire city will benefit for many generations to come mayor ed lee wishes you, your best in all your future dlaefrz endeavors thank you, commissioner. >> (clapping.) can we do that can we all take a picture. >> you should ask ruth if she wants to talk. >> we've been talking so much. >> i've never heard so much exaggeration in if all my life it's wonderful i'm so touched and honored that jerad made it here today it was a pleasure to work with him and also you should know it was jerad and david that approached me and
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suggested i submit my name for the consideration of the commission this was how it all start anyway as someone that is complaining about the length of the meeting it would be terrifically to speak but i want to say for your appreciation and that wouldn't have happened without the support of my husband jim. >> jim (clapping) and what a wonderful privilege to work with the staff of the department of the environment when you've got such a daethd dedicated and smart and competent staff i was wondering what in the world do we need a commission for i that they're the greatest it they really are i'm e7 appreciative of the work of the commission secretary and all the handholding and keeping
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us in line and all the help from monica i will also be grateful for so it's just really hard to express to you how touched and grateful and humbled and appreciative i am of on the one hand all your words and knowing you all and the fabulous jacket i'm going to him miss you in a way at the same time as you say you're going to miss me be careful what you wish for i may evident up to come before you to needle and probe you i really won't be gone that much thank you, again this is an overwhelming honor you you've given me together thank you
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(clapping). >> and if the public wouldn't mind to allow some moments to take a brief photo with our esteemed colleague. >> i don't know if anyone has a camera or a telephone with a camera on it. >> where should he do it. >> here.
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>> say butterfly. >> butterfly. >> 1, 2, 3 butterfly. >> okay lovely. >> okay. >> like the jacket. >> i wanted a jacket. >> geeze i'll have to leave to get one. >> colleagues can i get a motion a motion to approve the
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resolution. >> commissioner king seconds all in favor, say i. opposed? in the motion carries thank you so much and approval of the department of the environmental 2014 annual report by deborah and public outreach manager and in your packet is a copy of draft annual report deducts and action item. >> this will be fairly quick it is required we appraise an annual report we don't privilege i print them any longer we printed this out for tonight commissioner ching ting wan no, it was 19th i commissioner stephenson who wanted to make sure it has a format so i'll let donny talk about the changes.
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>> thank you, commissioner real quick i wanted to share the annual report is a box we wanted to check and move on the other hand on going forward let's design something that not only present the department but an asset and useful tool for the commission and staff i asked we design a new format and also as the director mentioned we're allowed to print the report we're moving forward to a web friendly version i'll share on the computer i believe we'll get that going forward our annual report will be viewed like a magazine there you go and this is a platform called issue as you can see the end report is designed in a way toth be viewed like turning
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pages one of the things to focus the miles but also highlights the people of the department we've made comments about the commissioner but a lot of people do the fantastic work so efforts through the annual report our comments and quote from our colleagues commissioner wald had asked me earlier this year to make sure i called out the highlight of our department annually we designed an annual report as quick talking place in bullets that we pulled out this is a very interim process meaning we have an annual report that looks at a certain way to evolve we develop for assets not only as a report but have pangd to be pulled out to be sooefrnl one page handfuls
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so taking the first page this is a spread of the cliff housed that that has data that was done there that can be pulled out and treated like a handout we wanted to share the experiences our staff has been involved in 23407b8 their input but the issues of the day climate change and environmental health and green building go so that's in a nutshell and, of course i want to acknowledge that at the end of the report we acknowledge our sponsors and partners and then lastly we included the commission section and i'm more than happy to hear a recommendation for our annual report. >> donny and director rafaeli have one major problem about the
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report this is good awesome thank you. this is awesome colleagues commissioner stephenson. >> this is a design i come from a business world and i'd take this and use it for corporate branding you should use this going forward it is gorgeous. >> i want to acknowledge there was a few staff members that spent time march i don't know if you've met mark he did work and another person who worked between the 3 of them it helped to lift the document from was it once was to the version i see today. >> commissioner king. >> of course you know this is
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why i love donny so everyone casca attest him and shawn and cal quite frankly fwrrt people on earth and anyway when you see a document; right? there is the aesthetics of it the content and thereon or then the utilities ability of it you know and when you piloted out you can pull a page that is a walking and talking castle guide that is a sweetness i can't talk about to that end one of the things i'm going to think about how to best utility this document whose hands does it needs to be in when you create something that is so yours friendly as this
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document with the short blurpdz and note overwritten get you right there where it's good for walks as well as late folks you can't let this city-state sit somewhere and collect dust not only on a website and not talk about we have to publish sisters this document i urge every commissioner here when you are oar you talking to other people i know the appropriate link to the document and when you talk about the environment you erect this document this is criminal absolutely incredible i want to see it used the way it should be well, i wanted to add that's a great point commissioner part of the prior editions no one wanted to use it it sat on the shelf we
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looked at the last year's edition it was only 2k0u89d 60 times this is things the staff wants to share and we'll have a very long push online and one other issue ear still learning and also to use it as a template for other projects. >> thank you commissioner wald and then director rafael. >> no, no. >> i agree with everything everyone has said it is totally terrific i'm impressed by the creativity and your willingness to go back and think again and again and again how to change and going forward what to cut out i love the icons which are new since the last time i saw it and i think those can be


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